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"It is the purpose of life that each of us strives to become actually what he or she is potentiallly. Each photographer, then, should be obsessed with stetching towards that goal through an understanding of others and the world we inhabit. When that happens, the result, like photographs, are really the expressions of the life of the maker.

Photographers should not put pictures in a box under their beds and be the only ones that see them. If they put film in their cameras it presupposes that they want to record what they see and show somebody else. It's all about communication.

We should actively look for ideas, attitudes, images, influences from the very best photgraphers of all ages. You cannot learn in a vacuum. The whole history of photography is a free and open treasure trove of inspiration. It would be masochistic to deny its riches and usefulness.

Learn from the best; the second-raters have nothing to offer."

Quotes from David Hurn.